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A New History of Sierra Leone
Alie Joe A D
Author Alie Joe A D
Publisher Macmillan Education
ISBN 978-0333519844
No. Of Pages 320
Edition 1
Format Paper Back
Language English
Price £ 38.98
Discount(%) 0.00
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During the colonial era very little thought was given to the promotion of African history and culture in African educational institutions. Most colonial educationalists stubbornly refused to appreciate that Africa had a history worth talking about. The regaining of political independence by African countries from the late 1950s and beyond saw the gradual restructuring of many institutions, one of which was the educational system. Consequently, national histories began to form an integral part of the curricula. This book reflects this restructuring and attempts to provide an in-depth account of Sierra Leone's political, socio-cultural and economic development from early times to the present day.


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