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CWEP was incorporated in the United Kingdom on the 22 October 2015 and to begin operations on the 14 February 2016 as a vendor and publisher of rare books of African background. 

CWEP will work from home and will hope to acquire a shop premises at Ashton Square in Dunstable, Central Bedfordshire.  Most of CWEP’s rare books selling will be done online at CWEP website:

As a new entity, CWEP is working closely with the Anglo Sierra Leone Heritage group and Kadcot in the United Kingdom and Sierra Leone.  These organisations are geared towards the reduction of poverty; advance education; improve public health; the sustenance and promotion of human rights; and responsible citizenship.  CWEP is partnering with these organisations as consultants and publishers of their upcoming publications:

  1. Citizenship Education for Sierra Leone Schools (Forms 1 and 2)

A publication aiming to empower the youth with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will shape them into responsible citizens who can effectively participate in the cultural, economic, political and social development of the country.This ‘Citizenship Education’ will enable them to acquire the correct understanding and greater awareness of democracy.Thus creating a spirit of responsible participation to hopefully promote an effective democratic society in Sierra Leone.

  1. The Betrayal of a Nation

This is a historical account of the emergence of a nation-state.It explores her struggle in her formation during British colonial campaigns. The divide andrule policies of the colonialist who had transported a rebellious group to settlein the nation statebyaccordingthemanelite statusto thedemise of theearlysettlers.The appeasement by the colonialist changed the landscape of the nation-state and hostilities began against the new comers.

The struggles brought the inevitable - peace, as the factions involved in the hostilities decided that peace would bring about unity and understanding. This was partially achieved and it brought about the struggles for independence from the colonialist.The joys of independence faded away as soon as it was achieved. Divisions and distrust brought the country to see many civil upheavals that affected many innocent and unarmed populace.A new kind of elite came in and submerged the social, economic, cultural and political structures that had brought the unity and independence into the abyss. A percent of the populace created a world that embarked on monopolising all the fabrics of socio-economic, culture and politics. They created hapless armies to protect their monopolies. The book will explore reason and present an unbiased narrative to show how the few, entrusted and empowered by the votes of the many betrayed these trusts.

  1. The Sierra Leone Trade Union History -1930–2015: Industrial Relations in a Developing Country

A combined autobiographical and research study showing the problems of trying to assert a union position in a State determined not to recognise it. The experiences of the strikes of 1977 and 1981 will add an overall historical picture depicting the advances and setbacks for the labour movement in Sierra Leone. The aim of the publication is to offer an account both as a contribution to the knowledge of the Sierra Leonean situation and to comparative study of industrial relations in other developing countries.

CWEP is a business and will make financial benefits from its undertakings in the publishing and rare book vendor business.  Another area CWEP is exploring is to seek agreements with holders of book rights to numerous African publications that are out of print.  CWEP aim to vigorously create a market for these rare prints.